Lap Counting – Trackstar

By | 8th May 2017
  • The experts at Nice Work will be providing chip timing. The chip will be on a neoprene strap, please wear it on your left ankle with the chip facing outwards to ensure the strongest possible signal. Do not wear the chip under a sock or any other garment.
  • Nice Work are not responsible for counting laps. They can let you know when you’re on your last lap.
  • You could wait until the finish – go with flow and just wait for the timing crew to tell you you’ve finished.
  • Use elastic bands. Start with 105 bands and discard one each lap. Probably best to split them into batches of 21 though!
  • Use a tally counter. We have trialed these cheap counters and have proven very reliable. They are small enough to wear on your thumb and easy to press. All you have to do is remember to press it each it lap. These can be bought on eBay for a couple of pounds.
  • Use the lap counter button on your Garmin – turn automatic laps off, and hit the lap button manually each time you cross the line, again you just have to remember to press it!

A note about GPS

In almost every session I have run on this track, my GPS watch over reads. Add to that you will be doing a fair bit of passing do not be surprised if your GPS watch reads 27 miles or even more!
A recent example… I ran 38 laps, which recorded as 9.6 miles… it is in fact just 9.4!!! GPS tracking cannot handle the tight turns of a track.

Remember, all races are measured on the shortest possible route, for Trackstar this is lane one (London Marathon for example is along the blue lines). Each lane adds 7 metres to the distance of the track, so a whole lap in lane 2 is 407 metres. As you will pass others please bear in mind this will add to the distance shown on any GPS device.