Terms and Conditions

Age Limit

Our licence and insurance is provided by UKA, and they set the rules regarding lower age limits. Please see the limits set by the UKA below.
None of our current challenges are less than 6km, therefore the minimum age for a challenge event is 15, however a person aged 15 would only be allowed to complete 1 lap.

Age limits

Failure to adhere to this rule will mean you will not be allowed to run and will not receive a refund.


Transfers must be completed 7 days before the event via the original entry system. Unofficial number swapping is not permitted and risks disqualification. This is in accordance with UKA RULE 143 S 2.

Entry via Full On Sport

Transfers between events are not possible, you can only transfer your place to another runner.

If you wish to transfer your place to another runner, please log into your Full On Sport account to do this.

  • The process is described here. We have not had any transfers via Full On Sport yet so the process is untested! Please email if you get stuck.

Full On Sport does operate a waiting list system, however we have not tested this yet!


We do not offer refunds. This is due to the upfront costs of staging an event.

  • If you can no longer take part in the event see the above section about transfers.
  • In the event that a run is cancelled by us we will look to re-arrange the event for another day. If you are unable to make the re-arranged run, we will allow you to swap your entry to an alternative run with the same entry fee.
  • As an organiser we start to incur costs for the event from the moment the dates are booked.
  • As the event draws closer ever increasing costs are incurred to the point where we cannot recover any of them, regardless of whether you run.

Entry Information

  • The entry system is provided by Full On Sport.
  • Please provide accurate information and emergency contact details on the entry form.
  • Only answer the ‘UKA Affiliated’ question with ‘Yes’ if you are currently an affiliated member of a UKA affiliated club. Your license number will be checked against the UKA database.If you answer yes and it transpires you are not currently UKA affiliated you will either be given the option to pay the subsidy,  if you decline to pay the subsidy we will remove you
    from the entry list without a refund, or disqualify you if discovered after the event.
  • Unofficial number swapping is not permitted and risks disqualification. This is in accordance with UKA RULE 143 S 2.
  • A booking fee will apply.

Your Data

  • The details you provide in our entry forms will be held by us for the purpose of providing the run.
  • Our entry forms are provided by third parties, you consent to them handling your data for the purposes of providing an entry system to the run.
  • We will use your details to email important updates and pre/post run information. The email service provided by MailChimp, you consent to your name and email address being stored in MailChimp.
  • Your name and age will be used to for results data which you consent to being displayed on our website. Results data is also picked up and displayed by RunBritain/Power of 10.
  • Your email address will be subscribed to our mailing list specific to the run you are entering, you can chose to unsubscribe at any time.
  • Your email address will be provided to our appointed event photographer for the purpose of sending you run photos.
  • If the event is chip timed by a 3rd party, you consent to the 3rd party using your details to provide timing and results data, which may also be displayed on the 3rd parties website.
  • You consent to our chosen photographers taking photographs of you before, during and after the run. We may use photographs of our participants taking part in our runs for marketing purposes on our website, in print and on social media. We can remove photographs on request.

Our Policy on Requests for Free Places at Our Events

We get numerous requests for free places at our events, often for a landmark achievement or due to undertaking a charity challenge. Due to this high demand we are not able to offer free places to everyone that makes this request. Facilitating our events is quite expensive, with outlay going on venue hire, training, licences and other race related equipment such as quality medals. We simply don’t have the funds to give away free places. However we do offer a ‘fair’ compromise in regards to free places. We recognise that without the help and support of marshals and event crew we would not be able to facilitate events as effectively as we do at this time. Therefore we do offer a free place at our challenge events to anyone in exchange for marshaling/ being part of the event crew at our events. If having read this policy you feel that being part of the event crew is something you would be interested in, in exchange for a free place please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page. Please note: Our event crew available slots do change from time to time. We operate a waiting list if we have more volunteers than event crew slots available.

The Run

Affiliation, Permits & Rules

‘We Run They Run I Run’ are affiliated to UKA (United Kingdom Athletics), registration number 7692804. Our race licences/permits are issued by Run Britain or the TRA (Trail Running Association). Runs are held with permission of the relevant land owners and authorities. Details of Public Liability Insurance can be found on the UKA Website.

Our runs are held in accordance with UKA Rules.

The Course

Most of our runs are in public spaces open to other members of the public. Where this is the case, we do not have sole use or right of way, please be mindful of pedestrians, cyclists, dog walkers and other path users. Courses may be particularly busy in summer months. Dogs are not allowed on our runs.

Marshals, Directors, Referees & Adjudicators

Listen to the run briefing which will usually be 15 minutes prior to the start. Listen to the instructions of the marshals. If the referee or adjudicator is called upon to make a decision, their decision is final.


The Runner’s Medical Resource is the most useful medical information we have come. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you are declaring you will not run unless you are medically fit to do so on the day of the event. If you are ill or injured on the day of the event – do not run!


We may use photographs of our participants taking part in our runs for marketing purposes on our website, print, email and social media. We can remove photographs on request. We ask runners, friends and family to add their photographs of our runs to our Flickr group for sharing. If you would like a photograph removed from Flickr you should contact the photographer.