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Trackstar Latest

It’s all systems go for Trackstar on Saturday 15th May! Emails are due to be sent out by Thursday this week, but there is little information in them that is not already available on this website or in our information videos. We are going to TRY and include your bib number in the email to… Read More »

Trackstar 2021 Information Videos

We are encouraged to provide you with video briefings rather than face to face information. The video is broken down into 3 parts, or you can go big and watch it in one go! Introduction Venue Information Race Briefing Full Video Listen out for PA system announcements on the day for any changes.

Etiquette – Trackstar

Etiquette There are just 80 participants. This is due to the constraints of running on a track. This should allow the event to be a success without overcrowding. In an ideal world this allows for 5 metres of track each – but bear in mind you will be running at different speeds! Run on the… Read More »

Lap Counting – Trackstar

The experts at Nice Work will be providing chip timing. The chip will be on a neoprene strap, please wear it on your left ankle with the chip facing outwards to ensure the strongest possible signal. Do not wear the chip under a sock or any other garment. Nice Work are not responsible for counting… Read More »

Trackstar Venue

With all the facilities in pretty much one place, the track seems an ideal place to hold a marathon! However, there are a couple of things we need to be clear on before the day. Please see the graphics below. The main sports park building contains toilets, showers, changing, our registration and kitchen area. Bags… Read More »