Eastbourne Trackstar Marathon

Saturday 15th of May 2021 09:30:00 AM

15 May 2021

**Please read our main Covid-19 statement at the top of this website**
We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make sure Trackstar goes ahead in 2021. We are delighted to confirm that Trackstar will take place on Saturday 15 May 2021, in line with any restrictions or guidelines at the time. We have had to make a number of changes to the event to ensure Covid security. For ease they are bullet-pointed at below. We cannot confirm all facilities at the venue will be in use at this time.

  • Full marathon will be in lanes 1-3, based on lane 1 distance of 400 metres 105.5 laps.
  • Half marathon will be in lanes 4-6, based on lane 4 distance of 421 metres 50.12 laps.
  • Rolling starts
  • The full marathon will start FROM 9:30 – 10:00 in small groups. The half marathon will start once all of the marathon runners have started FROM approximately 10:00 – 10:30 in small groups. The starts will be chip timed.
  • Runners must be self sufficient in terms of water and fuel. Space will be set aside for you to set up a small table on the back straight
  • Registration will be outdoors. Face coverings must be worn at registration, and we recommended they be worn before and after the event
  • Hand sanitiser must be used after contact with another person or an item another person has handled. Such as when picking up your number and timing chip
  • Your details will be kept for track and trace purposes
  • Please keep spectators to a minimum. Spectators will be required to give contact details and observe the same guidlines as everybody else in the venue.

Many things will change between now and May. Things may get better, things may get worse. We feel we are currently in a position to put on a safe and successful event as the overall picture improves.
The final places will go on sale shortly.

Marathon & Half Marathon Entry


Following three successful Eastbourne Trackstar Marathons and a Covid cancellation, ‘We Run They Run I Run’ are back for Trackstar IV! For the first time in 2021 we are introducing a half marathon. By choosing something we’d quite like to have a go at ourselves (and indeed one of us did have a go in 2019), we are hoping to appeal to like minded runners, who want to run a challenging but fun marathon or half marathon on a standard 400 metre athletics track. “That’s a lot of laps!” I hear you say. However, with all the facilities you need to run a marathon or a half in one place, a playlist made up of songs from your requests and the opportunity to see your supporters every 400 metres, what’s not to like?!

  • 105.5 laps (based on lane 1) / 50.12 laps (based on lane 4)
  • Bespoke medal
  • Chip timing with lap display on screen
  • Traffic free athletics track made for running
  • Stunning view of the South Downs!
  • Free parking
  • Race photos TBC for 2021
  • Changing & showers TBC for 2021 – unlikely
  • Tea & Coffee free for runners TBC for 2021 – unlikely
  • Homemade cake TBC for 2021 – unlikely
  • Limited to 80 runners per distance
  • UKA/RunBritain MT Licence
  • See your supporters each lap
  • Your music playlist – request on entry form!!
  • 7 hour cut off time
  • Organised by runners

Venue Information

Eastbourne Sports Park, Cross Levels Way, Eastbourne, East Sussex
BN21 2UF

The facility has toilets. We cannot guarantee changing areas and showers will be open. You are no longer able to leave a bag in the building, we cannot guarantee the indoor areas will be open.


There is a free car park at Eastbourne Sports Park.


Registration will be outside at Eastbourne Sports Park. Please come through the main gates. Registration will not open until 8:30am. Face coverings must be worn at registration. Numbers and chips are collected on the day. ID may be required to ensure track and trace can be used if required. You must use hand sanitiser before and after collecting your number and chip. Nothing is posted. Final instructions will be emailed by the Thursday before the event.


There are toilets accessible from outdoors, a short distance from the track, please use these during the run if required. Remember to wash and sanitise your hands before and after touching facilities


This one is quite easy to remember. The marathon takes place in lanes 1-3 and is based on the lane 1 distance of 400 metres. The marathon on the 200 metre start line, you will complete 195 metres followed by 105 full 400 metre laps!
The half marathon takes place in lanes 4-6 and is based on the lane 4 distance of 421 metres. The half marathon starts at 50 metres back from the finish line on the home straight. You will complete 50 metres followed by 50 full 421 metre laps. The run is in the usual anti-clockwise direction. There is no direction change.

Just remember:

  • marathon – cross the purple finish timing mat 106 times
  • half marathon – cross the purple finish timing mat 51 times

If you need to leave the track at any point please leave and rejoin at the designated point.

Information & Brieifng

Final instructions will be emailed on the Thursday before the event.

The run will start from 9:30am. Marathon runners will start between 9:30 and 10, half marathon runners will start between 10:00 and 10:30. The run briefing will be 10 minutes before the start outside and and will be heard over the PA system so there is no need to congregate. It is important you listen to the briefing in case of any changes or specific information. This event will be held under UK Athletics rules, a licenses have been applied for. The adjudicators decision is final.

Timing & Lap Counting

For Trackstar 2021 we are excited to announce that ‘What’s My Time?’ will be returning to provide you with chip timing. Lap counts are displayed on a big screen and printed result tickets are given at the finish.
We always recommend you have your own method of counting for your own peace of mind. It is your responsibility to know when you are on your last lap. Keep an eye on the screens or use the lap function on your watch. As you approach the finish, take the exit lane.
Do not rely on GPS distance. It is not accurate on the track and can over or under read!

Trackstar Etiquette

Please bear in mind you will all be running at different speeds! We ask that you are considerate to all other participants, and just because someone isn’t going as fast as you, doesn’t mean they’re not on course for their own goal. Everyone has a right to the racing line when running, overtaking is on the right, it’s all part of the challenge! If you need to walk at any point, please move to the outer lanes. Please be mindful of social distancing when overtaking.

Personal Aid Stations

Runners can set up their own personal aid station on a table along the back straight. This must be adjacent to lane 1 for the marathon, and adjacent to lane 6 for the half marathon. Please set up far enough back so you can step off the track and be clear of the racing line.

Medical Information

Phoenix Medical will be in attendance on the day.


Please read the information on the Runner’s Medical Resource website. It is the most useful advice we have found on the subject.


Spectators may not be allowed depending on clarification of the rules at the time.

If spectators are allowed: Any spectators will be required to sign in for track and trace purposes, and will need to wear face coverings when doing so. Please take care when crossing the track, do not gather around the runners toilets or the timing point. Please refrain from running alongside participants, we’ve carefully considered the number of people on the track.
If you are bringing dogs to the sports park, please keep them on short leads at all times, and well away from the track.


At the finish collect your bespoke medal, and bask in the glory that you have just done something very few people ever will! Please return your chip in the receptacle provided.


Entries have re-opened!

Marathon & Half Marathon Entry


When you enter you will be subscribed to our Trackstar mailing list, we recommend you stay on this list to receive your pre-run emails. You will be given the opportunity to subscribe to the ‘We Run They Run I Run’ mailing list to receive news and information on other events.

This event is held under UK Athletics rules. 2021 licence confirmed. Licence 2020-38727.
Event risk assessment.
Medical risk assessment.
Covid-19 risk assessment.

Terms & Conditions


    • Does Trackstar count for Good For Age qualification?

We can’t make that guarantee. It is unlikely. London require your qualifying marathon to be run on road. Other marathons have different schemes.

The following details may help when asking the organiser of the marathon you wish to use your Trackstar time for; Trackstar is run under a UKA / Run Britain MT licence. Details of Eastbourne’s track certification can be found here. Trackstar is chip timed with a professional system with video and manual counting as a backup.

    • Can I get a refund, defer or swap to anther event?

Unfortunately we are not able to refund, defer or swap your entry to another event or category. We do allow you to transfer your place to someone else. If you have registered via Active, please organise your transfer on Active.com.
The small scale of the event means it is very expensive per runner to put on. As an organiser we start to incur costs for the event from the moment the dates are booked. As the event draws closer ever increasing costs are incurred to the point where we cannot recover any of them, regardless of whether you run.

We are currently operating a Covid voucher scheme for exceptional circumstances. The scheme for Trackstar will close 4th April 2021.

Word format form
PDF format form

    • Will it be crowded?

The first couple of laps will be busy, however it thins out quickly, and rolling starts will negate this. Please be considerate of all other competitors regardless of pace, and expect to overtake on the right.


2019 Results
2018 Results
2017 Results

Course Records

M: 2:38:09 2018
F: 3:23:35 2018

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