Bates Green Gallop review

By | 18th August 2017

Thank you to all the vounteers and land owners that made Bates Green Gallop possible. It was a fantastic venue for us to hold our first trail run, and really hope we can make this a permanant fixture.
We had to take the decision to use a back up course, as one of the fields we had planned to use was unusable. As a result, the loop was 3.78 miles, opposed to the advertised 3.84 miles.

We really hope you enjoyed the occasion, and once again we’ve had some fantastic feedback and reviews, particularly about the home made cakes and aid station. All of this is being passed back to Judith who is our ever present catering expert! Zoe enjoyed being at race HQ lap counting and looking after runners welfare after each lap.

The route was varied and challenging, and really adds something new to the type of runs we offer, but with the same laid back style.

One of the more interesting points for us was the escaped cow! You couldn’t have made that up particularly after run director Debbie’s briefing!


It was successfully herded back to safety by Richard, Russell and Robin after runners had passed on lap one!