Bates Green Gallop


23/06/2019 > 09:00 > Bates Green Farm, Arlington > as many 3.78 mile laps as you want in 6 hours > £34/£32 UKA affiliated

We have reached our initial capacity of 100 runners. We can take a small number of entrants over 100. All entrants from now (17/05/19 14:00) will receive a medal from previous a previous Gallop.

stacks-image-0f5e8cbWe’re proud to announce Bates Green Gallop, our proper trail run, will be back for 2019. Bates Green Farm is in Arlington, near Hailsham in East Sussex, and is home to the well known Bluebell Walk. This run takes you through some beautiful Sussex countryside, through woods, across fields and alongside the River Cuckmere. Visit our aid station at the end of each lap, do as many 3.78 mile laps as you want in 6 hours. Let us know when you have finished and we’ll write down your time and distance, and give you your bespoke medal. If you start your last lap before 3pm, you can finish it. Free tea, coffee and a bite to eat. Of course, being summer, prepare for heat and be prepared to carry water if you need it more frequently than every lap. As with most of our events, it is a low key, friendly affair limited to just 100 runners.
Day entries are not available.

Venue Information

Tye Hill Road, Arlington, BN26 6SH


There is a large field that we are allowed to use for car parking directly opposite the farm entrance. The nearest post code is BN26 6SH.

Run HQ

Registration will be in one of the barns near the main entrance to the farm, The closest post code is BN26 6SH. Registration opens at 8:00. Numbers are collected from HQ on the day, nothing will be posted out. Our aid station will be near the start/finish, you will be able to access our aid station at the end of each lap. There are no other water points on the course so if you feel you will need more, please carry your own.

You will be issued with a paper wristband, we will mark this at the end of each lap for lap counting. Please make sure it’s accessible to us, and don’t mark it yourself!!

There is room leave bags. We will not be monitoring bags though so please don’t leave valuables.


There are toilet blocks a few metres from the start/finish.


***Subject to change***

The course for Bates Green Gallop should be considered an out and out trail run! Although it is relatively flat with just a couple of climbs towards the end of the lap, the surface is going to be a mixture of grass, mud, woodland, concrete and loose chippings. Some sections are quite uneven, there are tree roots and some low branches! If it is wet, it will be muddy, if it is dry, the fields could be extremely hard and rutted. The course is not as simple as out previous runs, however, we will be marking the course thoroughly. Each lap is 3.78 miles, so for a marathon you will need to complete 7 laps. It will vary slightly year to year due to the nature of the working farms.


Briefing & Information

The run briefing will be 15 minutes before the start next to start/finish. It is important you listen to the briefing in case of any changes or venue specific information. This event will be held under UK Athletics rules, a permit for this run has been applied for from the Trail Running Association. If you complete marathon distance or further, this run will count towards membership of the 100 Marathon Club.

Aid Station

The aid station is near the start/finish, and will be stocked with fruit, cake, crisps, nuts, sweets, biscuits, water and squash! You are welcome to bring your own drinks/supplies.
***We are cutting down on plastic use. Please bring your own re-usable cup or bottle.***

On the entry form we ask if you are vegan or vegetarian. This is so we can tailor the aid station to our runners. 3 out of the 4 of us are vegan. If you have any vegan or vegetarian suggestions for the aid station, let us know and we’ll do our best to provide them.


At the finish, ring the bell and collect your We Run They Run I Run medal. We all love a good medal so we designed a large bespoke medal for the gallop! We’ve had a silver and a bronze medal, so you may guess what the third will be!


Back in race HQ free unlimited tea and coffee will be available, while you wait for your friends to finish. You can also help “clear up” the aid station!!!

Entry Form

Date: 23/06/2019
Start Time: 9:00am
Course/Time Limit: as many 3.78 mile laps as you want in 6 hours
Entry Fee: £34/32
+ fee
Terms and age limits apply

If you have not received your registration emails, please check your junk email folder and contact us.
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TRA_Logo_PMS_v2This event is held under UK Athletics rules. Permit issued by TRA: 2296_2296.
Risk Assessment to be updated


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